New Worcester Bosch Boiler Questions and Answers.

Q: What is a powerflush or a chemical clean.

A PowerFlush is a machine which is used to flush out any rust and heating sludge from the radiators and pipework before the new Worcester Bosch boiler is installed. When having a new boiler installed its best to have it running on a clean system to prolong life and reliability f your new boiler.

Q: How long does a new boiler take to install?

Some Worcester Bosch boiler installations can take from 1 day to 3 days depending of how complex the Worcester Bosch boiler conversion is.

Q: Which boiler should I buy?

Worcester Bosch Boiler. There are many models and output powers too suit every situation.

Q: Which boiler should I upgrade to?

Worcester Bosch Boiler. Call us for a free Worcester Bosch boiler quote and we can tell you what boiler will suit your home.

Q: When is it time to replace my boiler?

Never a easy question. If you want to start saving money on your gas bills and not to have to worry about expensive repairs then now is the best time for a new Worcester Bosch boiler installed by us.

Q: How can I get a free Worcester Bosch boiler quote?

Give u a call on the above number and we will send our qualified Worcester Bosch gas engineer round to give your the best possible service and price.

What to expect when choosing a new Worcester Bosch Boiler from us. Should you need a New boiler upgrade or just want some friendly boiler advice the first thing you should do is give us a call and one of our highly trained boiler engineers will;

  1. Take your details and property details. Then book a site visit for a no obligation boiler quotation.
  2. Visit your property and carry out a boiler survey and find out your requirements and expectations for your new boiler.
  3. He will test the cold water mains pressure for suitability on which is the best boiler to give the fastest hot water flow for the best shower experience.
  4. He will then calculate what kw rating and power rating will suit your needs and requirements for the best Worcester Bosch boiler for your property.
  5. He will then check the location and positioning of the new boiler.
  6. The boiler engineer will then take you through any boiler features and controls you will be receiving.
  7. He will then issue a full boiler quotation which will show exactly what you will get with your new boiler system.

Once the quote is accepted we take a deposit and book a boiler installation date. The engineers will arrive early in the morning to begin the installation of your new boiler. Once the installation is complete you will taken through how all your new boiler and system operates and a hand over of paperwork and certificates will take place.

Once you and the boiler engineer is happy everything is compete and you new 10 year warranty will be activated and you can start saving money and enjoying your new boiler. We will remind you a year later when your new boiler is due a service.

A typical boiler change and a system flush will take 1 day or 2.

Boiler replacement costs and a great investment for peace of mind, security and comfort.